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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Excitement of Initiating Change or I Double Down on Dark Horses

Imagine coming up with a new and revolutionary idea.

The challenge and the excitement.  You feel your pulse quicken

The moment you first look at the prototype and realize that you might really be on to something.

You want to share it -

You have a unique vision of the way the world should be in the future.  

You develop it and refine it and when it's ready - you bring it to market 

The world is just waiting to embrace your vision............

.....well frankly no it's not 

The reality goes something like this 

"You're selling what,  you're with who, you say its on new model aircraft.  No I haven't heard about it.   What is it again, aviation fuel gauges that work  - Say again...... how accurate really  - so why didn't the factory talk about it.......something that good you'd think.

Hold on let me put you on the speakerphone......guys listen up - this salesman on the phone here tells me he's got working aircraft fuel gauges for sale ......... Hold on - Dominic here wants to know if they are capacitive ....... yeah......... they are what........ give that to me again.   AN ISO MAGNETO DOO HICKEY - no never heard of it. Lord Kelvin really.

Boy the sales pitch just runs off your tongue doesn't it - Wait Bill in the back wants to know if it comes with a set of free steak knives -   no no send me a brochure - We'll be sure to take a look.

Functioning, Accurate Aviation Fuel Gauges 

  • You now have an accurate fuel level sensor. 
  • It detects how much fuel is in the tanks at any moment.
  • It displays the fuel tank contents on your aircraft MFD screen but is not connected with the fuel management system on the aircraft.
  • You must still enter the fuel level you observed in the tanks as you have always done on the MFD.
  • The aircraft will use fuel flow data to calculate what the fuel level should be.  It will present that estimate of the fuel tank contents on the MFD.
  • The level sensors give a calibrated fuel level - Not just accurate at the top and bottom accurate throughout.  These sensors also output the fuel tank contents to the MFD and then display them side by side with the calculated fuel level.
  • These fuel level systems ARE SEPARATE. 
  • Both indicate to you the pilot,  the amount of fuel in the tanks.  SEPARATE - But they match
  • Got it?    Good. 

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