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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

General Aviation News - Press Release

Accurate fuel gauges for aftermarket Cirrus

REDMOND, Ore. – Pilots are taught from an early age to not trust their fuel gauges. Cies Inc. wants to change that with its TSO’d fuel senders. The Digital Fuel Level System is now available as a retrofit on the Cirrus-line of aircraft (SR20, SR22, SR22TN and SR22T).
The system will measure fuel volume within 3% at all levels, within 1% when fuel volume is less than 50% and display the data on an Aerospace Logic or J.P. Instruments gauge.
“I love having the fuel flow quantity on the MFD like the new 2013 Cirrus Aircraft,” said David McGregor, Cirrus SR22 owner. “But the icing on the cake is the redundancy with the new Aerospace Logic fuel gauge that sits next to the fuel selector.”
Cies is working to expand the number of aircraft models, both certified and experiment, the Digital Fuel Level System will work with. The system costs $3,000 plus 16-18 hours of installation labor.
More information from Cies at 541-977-1043.

More news coming soon 

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